About Us


The story behind the name...

We chose Lou & Mike as our name because to us that is family! There are several generations of women in our family who carry on the name Louise. In fact, if you come in you just might meet one of them, our daughter, Shannon Louise. 

My wife, Carolyn,  is also a Louise and our granddaughter Lexi, is Alexandra Louise. I am Mike, and am lucky to have a granddaughter who I share my name with, Amelia Michael. Can you see how easy it was for us to choose our name? Together, our little family is Lou & Mike. We have been in the restaurant business 21 years already and are excited to be in the neighborhood where our

grandkids are growing up. Long Beach is our home and we look forward 

to meeting all of our neighbors! 


Special Events

Our restaurant is available for small group events Day-time hours, food from Menu and 5-pm to 9-pm larger 50 to 100 size Private Parties with a Buffet style meal 

as in Menu section or request your own entree's. 

We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. 

Please email management for more information : louandmikes@gmail.com